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I am on a mission to empower creative entrepreneurs cultivate bankable profiles, Helping them Develop a brand of their dreams, so that they can live life on their terms. 

Are you ready to step into place of expertise and become a male grooming authority?

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10 Reasons Why You Will Love Being Educated By the Foss Academy


Why chose The Foss Academy?  

Our award-winning education philosophy comes directly from some of the finest five-star male grooming emporiums in London Mayfair and Knightsbridge


 I'm just so busy I have no time to go on a course  I'm always on the go?  

Well that's great news! Our education philosophy is supported by The Foss Academy Online a ground-breaking revolutionary training and educational tool which delivers concise and clear tutorials. The Foss Academy online academy and App was nominated by The HJ Business Awards in 2013 and 2015 for ‘Innovation of the Year’.


Where is The Foss Academy?

We are an award winning online Academy that support students all around the world.  24-7 365 days a year our Academy doors are always open. We believe learning never stop. So why not visit us now and sign up for one of our free courses we are super excited to show you how amazing our education products are. Click here for you free taster course and let the fun begin.


I’m so frustrated with my career  I feel it’s not going anywhere?

We provide a awesome career coaching the programme…’The One’ giving you the stuff dreams are made of.  Do you see yourself  working with a celebrity clientele? or on  International fashion shows? ' The One' programme will fully support you and point you in the right direction with a step by step blue print for success,  guaranteed! After all I am the profile guy hey I don’t take my word for it click here and read all the success stories. 


We have a large team can you come to us? 

We provide the full array of our courses  for in-salon education.  We go where you are  nationally or internationally, foss Academy will come to you  providing workshops or inspirational seminars. Find out more about what we have to offer.


I'm nervous about training around other people?

We provide one-to-one education for accelerated learning  we believe this is one of the best ways to be a truly amazing  men's hairdresser super fast!


Can I see what your education is all about before I try?  

You can find us on YouTube -The  Mayfair Barber series on the Foss Academy Channel …and its free!


 I've been doing men's hair for years and need fresh ideas and inspiration, can you show me something new?  

Our creative education comes directly from some of the largest men's catwalks shows. Creativity in men's hair is at the heart of our philosophy.


 I'm nervous about cutting men's hair and not confident with giving consultations?  

Our courses are designed to meet the needs of the complete beginner to the experienced professional. Providing education for all types of hair including afro hair.


I just want to be the best?  

Let us help you achieve your goals, we provide the perfect foundation for individuals and business success. Our education for philosophy and elite standards have have trained hair professionals all around the world.  From Stylist all over Canada USA Africa India and Europe I know you will greatly benefit from our philosophy.


There can only be the ONE

Is that you?

Find out more about the coaching programme that's taking the industry by storm.

and why Stacey Mccabe wrote this testimonial

I am a massive fan of Chris’s work and always have been. I love the style of work he produces and when I see his work its blows my mind. He is someone that I have always followed over the years and never thought in my wildest dreams I would have been able to work with him at some point. To work with Chris on this shoot was the best days work I have ever did and could do it all over again in a second. I also love what Chris stands for in the industry so for me it was a no brainer. To work with Chris at this level was incredible and gives you the confidence to push yourself to go further. I always follow and look at the work Chris produces as he likes to be different and out of the box and that's why I like his work so much as that's me. I don’t like to follow the crowd/ masses and like to try and be different and do my best to be different.