Are you discouraged because your profile isn’t where you want it to be?

Are you tired of watching other people success?

Do you want a personal coach to take your business to the next level?



Let’s face it:  Creating an elite industry profile is hard work.  Every now and then we just need a little extra help, encouragement, and advice from someone who has already been there.


That’s where I come in.



Over the last ten years, through trial and error, reading everything I could get my hands on, and talking to a whole lot of people smarter than me, I have continued to learn everything I can about the business of profile building.  In the process I’ve built The Foss Academy into a thriving international business, one that has more than doubled in revenue every single year.


My bestselling group coaching programme, THE ONE PROGRAMME gives you an inside look into how I turned my own profile into an actual business.  Elite Profile Academy® goes even more in-depth into the step-by-step process of building a successful, profitable profile.   But what if that’s not enough? Working with me one-on-one will not only give you that boost of confidence you need, you’ll also come away from each session with a workable action plan that you can implement right away.



My team and I would be happy to customize a consulting package for you based on your individual needs. Some of the areas I have worked on with clients in the past include :

  • Writing great content

  • Growing your email list

  • Creating a product

  • Building a profitable academy

  • Setting up a successful PR plan

  • Blog design/layout/readability

  • Goals, profile planning, and organisation

  • Winning competition strategies

  • Profile Monetisation

  • Working with brands and sponsorship

  • General social media strategy

  • Facebook

  • Business development

In order to ensure results, I currently require a minimum commitment of a three-month package, which includes six 1-hour coaching sessions, a personalised action plan and a video site assessment.   Before I create your customised plan, we will ask you to fill out a detailed intake survey so I can best know how to meet your specific needs.

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Introductory 1:1 Coaching Package – £10,000

Our introductory coaching package includes 3 months of 1:1 coaching through twice-monthly 60-90 minute strategy calls, where we will determine where you are at in your business and where you want to go, then create a plan for getting you there.  Our goal will be to focus on the tasks that will make the biggest impact in your business or Profile in the shortest amount of time, as well as to provide ongoing support and accountability.  Your introductory package will also include a detailed video site assessment, a personalized action plan, and direct access to Chris Foster via Slack.

Ongoing 1:1 Coaching – £1,500 per month

If you wish to continue 1:1 coaching past our introductory period, ongoing coaching is also available.

One Day Strategy Session – £5,000

Spend a day with me in London, and together we will focus solely on your business and you profile. You will have my undivided attention for a full day of inspiration, intention, and implementation.  By the time we finish, you will have an entirely new outlook on your business, your plans, your goals, and your unique path to achieve them.

Three-Day Immersive – £16,000

I invite you to be my guest in London  and experience the power of a 3-day transformation.  We’ll spend three full days completely immersed in every single aspect of your business and profile, with the goal of uncovering stumbling blocks, resolving problems, and identifying areas of opportunity.  You’ll walk away refreshed, rejuvenated, and with a renewed sense of purpose and possibility in your business.



Please email us at info@hairbychrisfoster.com to schedule your 2018 coaching session