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01. Think bigger

We get it. You’ve listened to people say, "You only cut hair, why dream about doing more with your skills?” So now you work hard until the magic turns to monotony, and worse still, you’ve bought into the pessimism and excuses. We believe that the world is waiting for your genius. We believe there is room enough for all people to fulfil lives of greatness. We believe in abundance, and abundance NOW!

02. We’re here to support you

As hair professionals we can often feel alone, isolated and not quite sure how to get to our goals. Team FOSS is here to support you, listen to you, and help provide you with a route to success. We've got your back, always. 

03. Earn what you are worth

Gone are the days of the “frustrated hair professional".  Gone are the feelings of not having the answers. No more wondering how to work your way up to the top of the industry. We know that if you are living your passion and purpose, then it will lead you to attract more exciting opportunities. Earn more money as an expert and leader in your field. You should get paid what you’re worth and not just for your time - we’ll show you how.

04. Technical and creative excellence

Our award-winning education philosophy comes directly from some of the finest five-star male grooming emporiums in London Mayfair and Knightsbridge. We specialise in delivering prestigious education to the men’s grooming market.


 05. Are you ready to advance your hair career?

We are focused in developing the entrepreneurial hair professionals with a winning mindset. We work with hair professionals who have a BURNING DESIRE to deeply TRANSFORM their life for the better. We provide the very best in coaching and career development.

06. Relationships matter

While we will help you move through any limited thinking, up your profile marketing game, and consult you on growing your profile as a business, we won't do the work for you. Your ambition and commitment are key factors in your ultimate success. We PROMISE hard work with a clear strategy which will lead to your success and massive victories! We can’t wait to celebrate with you once you achieve it.

07. Accountability is key

We will help you achieve your goals faster, that’s why we have built a community of professionals dedicated to achieving their goals. We do not take one moment of this wonderful life for granted. From the smallest moments working behind the chair to the grandest moments of sharing your passion on huge stage shows around the world, we are forever grateful. 

08. It’s not about ‘us’

That’s why we have partnered with many leading education organisations from around the world to support them in their quest for providing the very best in male grooming education: Sassoon Academy; Pivot Point International; Indian School of Hairdressing, Maison SASHA School ( Mauritius); L’Oreal Academy; Interserve Learning & Employment; The British Barbers’ Association and Edinburgh College to name but a few. We pride ourselves on educating at the highest standards.


Our award-winning Online Academy is always open

From the creator of the industry-renowned Foss Academy comes the digital alternative – for learning on your terms, in your own time, from anywhere. Whether breaking into the industry or advancing your career, these barber courses will equip you with the skills that you need, delivered through engaging videos and backed up with unparalleled support from the Foss Academy team’s internationally acclaimed, award-winning barbers. 24 hour a day we support students from all around the world with our elite methods of education. We believe in excellence at every standpoint. 

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Success Stories

Find out more from past clients who've transformed their male grooming offering and experienced massive growth in their businesses. 


Pivot Point International

For more than five decades, Pivot Point has been a leader in beauty education, fostering over 1 million individuals on six continents, as they create sustainable careers within the hair and beauty industry.

"As a global publisher of hair and beauty education, Pivot Point was committed to have a global perspective in the education development for the Pivot Point Fundamentals Barbering program. It was important to us to have an expert barber from the UK involved together with other expert Barbers from the US and Canada. Chris was a perfect fit for our project, due to his broad knowledge on traditional British barbering and men’s hairdressing, as well as his own international experience as a barber, session stylist and educator. Pivot Point education is always about logic and predictability, which means we go beyond understanding how a haircut, a shave or a style should be done, we want to know why to do it a certain way, and how to adapt for different client’s needs. Chris was very forthcoming and shared his expertise passionately at times with humor and always with enthusiasm."

Sabine Held-Perez

Senior Director, Education Innovation

Sassoon Academy

For over 60 years, the reputation of Sassoon Academy has been built on developing and providing world-class education at our academies and education centres around the globe.

The Foss was commissioned by Sassoon Academy to provide bespoke barbering education to their lead educators on a ‘train the trainer’ programme. Chris Foster was also invited regularly as a guest educator to share expert knowledge on male grooming to their students. We are inspiring hair professionals of all levels of experience.



Indian School of Hairdressing

Working in India at the Indian School of Hairdressing, in Mumbai, Chris Foster shaped the new barbering programme in conjunction with The British Barbers Association, where his responsibilities include working as the Creative Director of the Association. With this prestigious association, Chris toured North America and Canada, teaching in Vancouver, Toronto, New York and Miami, spreading the gospel of great British barbering whilst raising the standards of barbering globally.


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