Salon Vie

We've seen Chris Foster present several times, at exhibitions such as Salon International and Professional Hairdresser Live, looked at his collections on his web site, and thought that we could benefit from an in-salon masterclass on men's grooming and styling.


Prior to the event. we'd asked Chris if he could tailor the course to include not only men's grooming and styling but also customer service and product retail, with the intention of stressing that both are a natural part of the overall experience. This was no problem for Chris.


On the day, Chris delivered a lively, friendly, professional and inspirational course, including both group presentations and individual mentoring. Everything we'd asked Chris to include was covered in depth. The team finished the day truly fired up to apply everything they'd learnt to their own clients. The course even inspired our models, many being new to the salon, most of which have subsequently re-booked and purchased the products that were used on them.


Afterwards, we've noticed a significant increase in product sales, something that has always underperformed before, with product sales now being a natural part of the service delivery, and an improved consistency in the overall service approach, applying to both male and female clients. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending the Foss Academy for high quality, in-salon training.


Jane Byrne
Salon Vie

Chris Foster