Beard vs. Designer Stubble : Is There A Difference?

There’s no doubt about it, well-groomed facial hair plays an important role in establishing an individual look for many men. Choosing the best style will immediately enhance a man’s facial features much in the same way as a haircut or colour would. Different facial hairstyles project very different images.


Designer Stubble



In the 80’s George Michael made it acceptable for men to wear the trade mark 5 o’clock shadow. The stubble look has become increasingly popular in recent years and is more acceptable in a casual and creative working environment. The stubble will help to soften the jaw line and detract from a double chin. Designer stubble adds that edge to a man’s appearance. Just be sure it is groomed regularly (trimmed every three/four days) and the neck line is tapered giving it that designer feel. The main thing about stubble is that it should never be left too long because it starts encroaching into beard territory.

I would recommend trimming stubble with a clipper.  Select 0.5m on your clipper and trim against the growth. This length is dependent on how fast and how thick the stubble grows.


Sure enough, full beards have hit the mainstream in a massive way in 2014. It would seem that full facial hair has come back ‘Envogue’ and it’s everywhere. And when it comes to full beards is a bit like Marmite you either love them or hate them. Here’s how to look after those mega muttonchops.


 Beards should be cleansed and conditioned just like the hair on the head. This is more important the longer the beard is.  Recommend a good quality hair conditioner for extra long whiskers - ensure it's rinsed out thoroughly!  For a short beard opt for a good hydrating moisturiser. Try HBC Beard Softener & Conditioner, Woody's Beard 2-in-1 Conditioner,
Murdock London Beard Conditioner


Essential oils used on the face will help to maintain good levels of hydration and moisture on both the skin and the beard.  Since the skin under a beard can get especially dry it’s also a good idea to keep it well hydrated with an additional moisturiser.  (Take time to massage it in). This will work in the same way as a leave-in conditioner would work on hair. Try Beard Oil - Beard Conditioning Oil by Percy Nobleman or Beard Club Beard Oil.



 A good brush or comb is always a bonus for maintaining a tangle free beard and moustache. I recommend that this is carried out, morning and evening. Peter’s Beard Brush, ZilberHaar Beard Brush



A foaming cleanser is an ideal cleansing agent for men with very thick beards. Water-based cleansers can absorb through the beard, getting to the skin far more easily than a cream based cleanser.  Try Gentlemen’s Tonic Daily Foaming Cleaner or The Body shop Tea Tree Forming Cleanser and Aveda Outer Peace Foaming Cleaner.



Use of a scrub for use twice a week.  This will help to prevent ingrown hairs, and the build up of the dreaded 'beard dandruff'.  


If there is evidence of 'beard dandruff, then you should use a 'hydrating facial mask will help address this skin condition.