The Perfect Combs For Barbering


I hope you enjoyed seeing how the barber comb was used to great effect when tapering the neck line.

The comb plays a big role in men’s hairdressing because in most cases the hair is too short to be picked up with your fingers; the comb then replace your fingers. The comb determines the length and the shape of the haircut. When choosing a comb, consider a couple of varying thicknesses. The spine of the comb is the determining factor.

  • A clipper comb which has a thick spine and long teeth will act as a guard and is perfect for tackling large amounts of hair.

  • A styling comb is a good general purpose tool good for sectioning.

  • A barbering comb is good for tapering and detailing key areas like sideburns and necklines.

The barbering comb is specifically designed for this purpose of detailing key areas. It is very thin and pliable on one side with fine teeth that narrow to a point. This makes it easier to use when fine tapering i.e. around the ears.

Things to Remember

When holding your comb think ‘C’, hold the comb between index finger and the thumb. This aids with greater control of the angles in which the hair is cut.

Cutting directly to the spine of the comb determines how much hair is left on the scalp. The thicker the spine the more hair is left on the scalp and vice versa.

Ideal Tools and equipment

* Denman Large Carbon Comb DC13 *The spine of this comb is 6mm equivalent ⌗2 to a clipper comb

* Denman Large Cutting Comb DC04 *The spine of this comb is 3mm equivalent ⌗1 to a clipper comb

* Dupont Barber comb *