Smooth Operator - How To Shave Like A Pro

Shaving plays an important role in every man's life. It’s that crucial right of passage between boyhood to manhood. As a young lad growing up, I cherished every hair that came out of my chin.  Every follicle that sprouted hair was treated like fine gold. I remember, the countless hours spent in front of the mirror, day dreaming what hair on the top of my lip would look like and waiting to join that exclusive club of shavers… and ‘Become a Man!’  


I guess like most things impatiently hoped for; that very first shave was very disappointing. I didn't have a clue what I was doing. I used the wrong razor, the wrong products for my skin, and as a result my face was on fire. I had waited all that time just for skin irritation! This is the story of most men's shaving lives...a constant battle in search of the perfect wet shave.


 Frustrated with poor shaving results? Well, here is my professional guide to revolutionise your shaving experience.



Step 1 - Cleanse

Deep clean the pores eliminating bacteria that causes infection. Strips the skin of all toxins, perspiration and oils. This process also introduced hydration to the skin a key element of shaving.


Step 2 - Pre Shave Oil

Pre-shave products provide extra protection between the sharpness of the blade and the softness of the skin. The oil sits upon the surface of the skin to provide lubrication. Adding a buffer between the sharpness of the blade and the sensitive skin tissue.  Apply to a warm damp face.


Step 3 - Lather Up

A key element to a good shave is selecting the right product to use according to the density of the beard. Traditional lather

should be applied with a brush. The brush transports moisture to the skin and beard. The aim is to generate a warm rich protective lather.



Step 4 - The Shave

When using the razor do not apply too much pressure,

Pressure on the razor will irritate the skin by removing too

many surface cells. Shave in the direction of growth. This first

shave will remove approximately 80% of the hair length. If you want a closer shave or if the beard is too thick you will need a

second stroke. You should re-lather then shave either against or across the grain. The first stroke delivered against the grain can cause razor burn or skin irritation. When the hair is shorter there is far less risk of razor burn, skin irritations and in-growing hair.


Step 5 - The Mask

Replaces lost nutrients, soothe and calms the skin; Rejuvenates; 

helps with cellular repair and hydrates.


Step 6 - Apply a Cold Water

Removes mask/shaving cream residue. Constricts blood vessels

Tightens pores which gets rid of blood spots; cools irritated skin and invigorates.


Step 7 - Moisturise/Aftershave Balm

Moisturisers add a protective layer, until theskin can regenerate its own protective layer.(The acid mantle)

Moisturises also Rebalances; Replenishes nutrients soothes and firms the skin.

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