Hi, I am Chris Foster a Multi award-winning barbering educator that travels the world and helping  barbers and stylist build empires without the blood sweat and tears. 

I help people shortcut years and years of figuring it out! 

Helping people achieve their goals seriously my favourite thing to do. 

And it is actually always has been this is the reasons why I founded the Foss Academy. 

In my career I've been fortunate to be a creative director for some of the most prestigious barbering emporiums within the UK. Harrods barbershop, Gentleman's tonic and Men's Salon at Selfridge's oh let's not forget the Refinery in Mayfair where I'm currently based. 

But, I think it all started back when I was a session stylist directing and overseeing global creative teams for shows including Fashion weeks in Paris, Moscow, New York, and London. That maybe somebody else would like to do this too! Somebody else would like to be at the top of their game. Having  a large celebrity clientele and traveling  the world. Hey even earning lots of money sharing their knowledge or just cutting hair.  

This is how the Foss Academy was born. Out of a passion for sharing and helping others achieve their goals.  

It's taken me 20 years to figure stuff out!!!

But I can assure you, it will not take you that long to earn considerable amount of money doing what you love, all you have to do is follow the elite strategies outlined in my courses. What I offer is shortcut to achieving great success like I have in my career. 

The thing is guys, I love innovation so in 2011 I created the first barbering education app in the UK.

It was a great success but it had it's limitations I couldn't create a community. 

You see, I was travelling all over the world teaching but I realise that I can help way more people if I created an online Academy.

So, guess what I did, I decided to launch an online Academy, to help even more people achieve their goals.  And there is one thing I do know that this will provide serious Value to what you do!  Make sure you get on the waiting list for my premium course that shows you how to turn your career into a money making machine.  


Here are a few of my achievements and I'm sure I can help you achieve this and more:


·      Creative Director at The Refinery in Mayfair and the Harrods Barbershop in Central London.

·      Director of the British Barbers Association

·      Winner of Hair Awards ‘Men’s Hairdresser of the Year’

·      Winner of Most Wanted Magazine ‘Male Grooming Specialist Award’

·      Master Craftsman award which I received at the House of Commons

·      Finalist in the Men’s category of ‘The British Hairdressing Awards’ 

·      Three times winner of ‘Black Hair & Beauty Barber of the Year’

·      Granted exclusive entry to the ‘Barbering Hall Of Fame’

·      Winner of PHAB (Performance in Hair and Beauty) Standard award

·      Elected as Barbering Ambassador for the Hairdressing Council

·      Media commentator with appearances on programmes such as “Daybreak”, the “Alan Titchmarsh Show”, C4’s “Sunday Brunch” and MTV’s “Beauty School Cop Outs”.