Here's two of our online flagship courses that you can enrol on today. Or subscribe to our online Academy for £18 a month, this will give you full access to the Foss academy offering over nine hours of barbering education.

Fundamental Barbering

Develop your barbering skills – Discover your potential

Confidence, competence and creativity

New to barbering? Start here. Fundamental Barbering was created for you - designed to deliver the essential knowledge and core skills that form the backbone of a barber’s expertise.

Progress through interactive and engaging tutorials and:

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 22.31.49.png
  • learn and establish fundamental barbering skills and techniques
  • gain confidence in cutting and styling men’s hair
  • increase knowledge and get to grips with using the core tools of this trade

This is your essential spring board into barbering – designed from the ground up to teach the core skills that you’ll need in this fast-paced, creative industry. And I’ll be right here – with support, advice and guidance, when and how you need it.

Learning Objectives:

• Introduction to the context of men’s hairdressing

• Assessing head shapes & hair types

• Standardised approach to sectioning

• Equipment - effective selection of tools and equipment

• Efficient use of all core tools - clippers, razors and scissors



The Art Of Shaving

Welcome to this fascinating section on shaving; it is a particular specialist area of the male grooming market that we hope you will enjoy!

The art of the professional shave at one time was the barber's most popular service, but over many years this skill has gone into decline, due to the introduction of the safety razor and the electric shaver. However today, professional barbers have reignited this age old practice. In addition to satisfying the beard trimming, shaving, and cutting needs of the contemporary man, barbershops have become places where shaving information tips are readily exchanged - an oasis of knowledge for the well groomed gentleman.

In the following lessons we will look at all the techniques used for shaving and cover the following topics:

  • The history of shaving and its decline
  • Shaving materials, tools and equipment
  • Consultation and preparation
  • Wet and dry shaver methods
  • Shaving techniques
  • Luxury shave procedure
  • Common shaving problems
  • Health and safety

We have extensive videos of our procedures. Remember please leave a comment if there are any issues or questions, we are here to guide you through this learning process.