Are you looking for a new focus or inspiration for your team?

Do you want your team to grow in confidence in men's grooming, hair cutting, styling or shaving? Then our In-Salon Education Day is just what you are looking for! And trust me you will love it. 

Every individual salon has its particular strengths and weaknesses. A salon that is looking to grow and to be more profitable always needs to address its weaknesses.  

We find when talking to salon owners there are two things that young stylists are less confident in and that is long hair and men's hairdressing/barbering. When a student leaves college they do not have a good enough experience cutting men's hair.  Men's hairdressing and barbering skills are important to know because men make up 50% of the population. I'm not sure any salon can afford to turn away business, because of the lack of skills in a particular area of the team. 

Managers should include a fully comprehensive approach to education to ensure staff have underpinning knowledge of all areas of the industry. This includes men's hair.  Having a stylist not confident in this area definitely limits their ability to maximise their full potential for the business. A fully trained staff member is a more productive staff member and that in turn financially benefits the business. 

There is always a struggle for the salon owner making decisions between having a team member away from the salon whilst being trained, or in the salon making money.  However, the productive value that continually trained members of staff bring to the salon is so important. Online education is another great way of your team being productive behind the chair while continually developing their skills and their knowledge in new and interesting growth areas within the industry. This is our guarantee, to continually support your team with their professional development, whilst we are in house delivering training and when we are not.

Ok, but what are the benefits of bespoke and personalised one to one training and online and private courses?

Just like a haircut  or a hair colour that is provided for a client, one service does not fit all . Education is so much more effective when personalised. Targeting specific weaknesses and making them strengths is efficient use of time and we all know that time equals money.  In-salon  and online education ticks many boxes in this regard because the learner has not taken any time away from their busy schedule but can reap the rewards of targeted education. 

Sometimes some salons need specific help in a particular area of the business. Take for instance my work with Maison Sasha in the beautiful island of Mauritius. I was able to help a team create a signature shaving system for the salon group. I shared my skills in a specific area to increase business with new services that the team can offer to their clients.

So learn from my multi award-winning skill. Yes, that’s right I will personally come to your salon and provide your team with the latest targeted knowledge and skills to inject creativity and excitement into your team.

Our clients chose us because:

  • Our In-Salon Education Days are designed to develop your skills and introduce new techniques while having a great time and good fun.

  • We will come to your salon during a non-profit working day to reduce disruption.

  • Our flexible training programmes are catered to suit your individual business needs.

  • Each course is delivered through a mixture of lectures, demonstrations and practical sessions on live models

Here's what some of our clients had to say...

The Francesco Group - Director of Hairdressing, 

"Wow, Chris is a truly skilled and talented gentleman. Having Chris Foster deliver his barbering skills to the Francesco Group is a day that we won't forget in a hurry. Chris' skills, professionalism and humour were unforgettable!"

Errol Douglas MBE  - Past President of The Fellowship for British Hairdressing,

"Chris up-skilled our team in men’s hair cutting and styling in our salon. He had an array of models over the duration with various hair lengths and types, his directional clipper and razor cutting was an integral part of the training. He inspired our team and was an incredible teacher, and most importantly demonstrated the current trends.

He was an absolute joy to work with and it was easy to understand his way of teaching. I would thoroughly recommend him to invigorate and stimulate creative teams.”