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1:1 Coaching Overview 

Discouraged because your career/profile isn’t where you want it to be?

Are you tired of watching other people succeed with less talent?

Do you want a personal coach to take your game to the next level?

THE 1:1 COACHING EXPERIENCE is a personalised, private partnership specialising in helping you get more recognition within the industry, earn more money with less struggle and attract more exciting opportunities that energise you. A Discovery Call is a complimentary 30 minute call to see if we would be a good fit working together. It is a way for us to get more clarity around the possibilities of your business, and paint a picture on how you can start moving forward towards your big goals. 

1. Free Clarity Call 

This is where we get to know each other. In less than 30 minutes we’ll discuss your goals and I’ll teach you how to set them high enough to be excited but within reach to be achievable. If we’re a good fit and you don’t find my childhood movie references too annoying, it’s onto the next step!

Clarity, credibility, visibility, scalability and profitability...your time to shine is now ✨.

2. The Development Programme 

Now you’re on board, I can impart all of the knowledge, wisdom and experience I have amassed over the years. From fashion shows and books to celebrity/international work; whatever your goals are, we will hunt them down together with a clear strategy combined with tried-and-tested tactics. 

The Development Programme consists of 3 Power Calls with me. We’ll conduct these every two weeks so I can micro-coach you and hold you accountable to your goals.

3. The Advancement Programme

After completing the Development Programme, you may be truly satisfied with where you are at. On the other hand, if you are hungry for more and we can feel there are higher levels to reach – try the Advancement Programme to put rocket-fuel in your belly. 

You’ll have either 5 or 7 additional Power Calls with me PLUS worksheets and exercises to complete. 

4.    After-Care (because I care, really!) 

As one of the few people in the world in my position offering time and coaching to hair professionals, I feel the responsibility of what I do – and I love it. Whether you decide to do your own thing after the Development Programme or you complete the Advancement Programme, I will always check up on you every now and then to make sure you haven’t fallen back into your old routine.