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This time it’ll be different…


 As a salon/barbershop owner you may have dabbled with bad training providers selling pipe dreams, or even worse you may be indebted by it. All is not lost, there’s everything still to be gained from proper, experienced In-Salon Education. There’s no one size fits all answer to every salon because your business will be different to the next one, which is why we tailor our program to your specific needs and weaknesses. 

In-Salon Education is for you if:

·      Your team lack confidence and have skills gaps

·      You want to become more profitable offering new skills and services

·      You feel like the industry is moving ahead - YOU don’t was to be left behind and the work you produce to become stile

·      You have been let down by training providers in the past - with on meaningful change and development

My program is different because my achievements and on-going global success stand up as proof to my profession. Everything in my In-Salon Education is created by me, tailored to you and the growth of your business. You never ventured into business to sit still, you came to achieve greatness and make profit! 

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