How do I create a recognisable brand? What steps do I need to take to get noticed in the industry? How do I get press opportunities to come to me? How do I stand out from the crowd? The 'One’ Group Coaching Programme was created because I kept being asked these questions from stylists and students who were frustrated at not achieving their goals.

Are you feeling the same? Maybe you're not as successful as at this point in your career as you'd like to be. You're thinking there must be another way of making extra money that is not attached to cutting hair behind the chair, but you don't know what it is? Do you find yourself saying:

"I want to travel the world and be seen as an expert within the industry.

I want to know how to become an iconic stylist.

I want to earn more money.

I want to set up and run my own successful academy."




The 'One' Programme will answer these questions and tell you how to achieve your dreams. I will lead you through the process of raising your profile to gain industry recognition, reap the financial rewards, giving you the opportunity to operate at the top of the industry. The programme covers everything from creating a recognisable brand and standing out from the crowd to negotiating the best rate for your services and building strong press relationships.


That's what 'The One' coaching experience is about. Throughout the 7 month coaching experience I will teach you strategies to combat social media, how to win awards, the power to present, how to gain sponsorship, not to mention I will walk you through creating your own photoshoot and collection, an incredible addition to your CV and portfolio! 




  • Master your social network connections to boost your profile and your business

  • The skill and confidence to present your knowledge on every platform including TV, big stage shows, exhibitions and seminars

  • Learn how to network to grow your business and profile

  • Attract more high net worth clientele

  • A deeper understanding of how the industry works that you can maximise to become a key influencer

  • Rockstar Status!!!


Video tutorials & PDF manuals

Monthly webinar teaching input

Private Mastermind Facebook Group - for instant access to advice from Chris Foster and support from fellow 'One' Delegates

Ready to use marketing templates and tools

Helping you achieve ultimate fulfillment, massive growth

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