Project BBA

I have worked with numerous brands and product companies to help support specific needs that they have to help profile their services and strengthen any particular weaknesses that they have. As the former creative director for British Barbers; Association I was responsible for creating brand imagery. Giving this prestigious association the creative edge, my role was as such:

  • Oversee external events

  • To advise on key messages for external events

  • Ensure BBA educators know their role and the type of education being delivered

  • To advise on line up order and content

  • To set educator guidelines for clothing at the events

  • To oversee the look and feel of the stage area. To set a brand philosophy for exhibitions

  • To attend a pre-show morning brief at the show covering the running order

  • To be informed of look of models used for the events

  • Hosting stage presentations

  • Support and or lead on recommendations of models and overall look and feel of the images or filming

  • Advise on new and merging trends

  • Advise on look and feel of BBA product development, packaging and content

  • Look at ways of the BBA connecting and being innovative in the barbering industry from a barbershop and fashion perspective

  • At directors and development meetings consider topics from a creative perspective as well as a director role and also an industry point of view, share any insights to industry current and future

Go on tour with collection from North America and India