Chris Foster Cuts for Google What a 'G'



So I headed to the Google offices in London recently to perform a rather unique and unorthodox cut for Bjorn Bringert, Google’s Engineering Director.

After the Android Search team at Google had won a bet with Bjorn, the team had the choice of what they would have him do as a result. After throwing a few daring ideas around, the team settled on the idea of Bjorn getting a new haircut, featuring the icon of the team’s app. I was approached by the team after searching for the right male hairdresser for the job.

I began by giving Bjorn a fresh new cut, before shaving the ‘G’ icon into the back of his head. Using the image on a phone screen for reference, I created the shape using Andis trimmers and his very own Foss Fader brush.

Candice Zen - founder of Totem Hair, a hairdressing business that brings their services to offices and work places in London for busy professionals - then stepped in to bleach the ‘G’ before the Android Search team set about painting it the classic red, yellow, blue and green colours using a hair stain. The finished result was a perfectly created and painted Google ‘G’ in the back of Bjorn’s head!

The whole event was live streamed around the building, with members of the team posting comments throughout, creating a great atmosphere that everyone could get involved with.

It's very strange what you can get booked for : )