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How To Get Booked For International Hair Shows

So guys, do you want to get paid to travel and see the world? Then read on.....

My problem is I always find an excuse to put things off. Am I the only one that had this problem. Hmmm I wonder.

Surely not but to be honest a lot of people do just that. In this blog post I really want you to take action and start thinking about your profile, in a way that you can get booked internationally and share your passion and your skills all around the world.  I'll be breaking down 1 key strategies of how to achieve just that, but firstly let's talk about Moscow.

So towards the end of last year I had an amazing opportunity to travel to Moscow with an amazing hairdresser Jordanna Cobella who assisted me on this overseas trip. I was invited over to celebrate 100 years of Joewell's craftsmanship and share my skills on stage with the Russian audience at the Intercharm show. Intercharm is Russia's largest specialised exhibition for hair and beauty  professionals. And what can I say I had a blast meeting up with amazing industry friends such as the Andis team Baldy Barbar and Kieron The Barber... Small world!

In the world of hairdressing and barbering there is no limit to what you can do, achieve and be. Your skills can be used in many different. Trust me when I started cutting hair many years ago I would've never believed that I could travel the world and do what I love not only that get paid handsomely for it.

Allow me to share with you the first thing that you must focus on to get your profile out there and that is your biography. This is so easily overlooked but it is a key aspect in allowing an audience to understand exactly what and how you can deliver your skills on different platforms.

Your bio should naturally be on your website and all of your social media profiles. But make sure all of your social profiles lead to your website. Your website is the place where you can truly show your skills and allow whoever is booking you to get a flavour of what you can deliver. Get this wrong and you simply will not get booked it's just that simple. It is really important that your nail this.

YOUR ABOUT PAGE.........YES, what are you about.


So first thing you need is a  amazing hook....

A hook is a way of attracting people to continue to read more about what you can offer. If you don't have one of these they will not read your amazing content and leave. You would never know if you were the one they would've booked if you had a great hook to get their attention and read on and learn about you.

Let's diving shall we into great hooks 


Ask yes questions where you know the answer will be yes. For example are you looking for an amazing stylist to do X! Do you need a great presenter to do why Y. And all of the answers of course should be yes. Do you need somebody to do _____?

You are the answer to your audience pains and problems you have to solution

Well you know the answer would be a yes!



Tell a story that really resonates to the reader that you have got the skills and knowledge needed to help with a specific problem. His thing here though is to get to the point really quickly you have a very short time to capture your audience attention do not ramble on. The thing here is to remember is that we as humans are a tuned to listening to stories so make it rapped make it real make it relevant. 

Next thing you've got to consider is the BENEFITS...THE WHY

The Transformation

The WHY is simply the benefits of working with you versus working with someone else now the best way of getting this across is to focus on the transformation that you can bring to the table. What is going to be the amazing outcome from working with you. Clearly relay this then you can talk about the features. So when you work with me you will achieve this______ and I will make the audience feel this________ way for example.

Share what makes you different.

The last thing to consider is the proof

...And no it's not in the pudding it in the profile

Proof is an amazing trust and credibility factor because it lets the person looking at your profile understand that there is a proven track record of what you can do and what you can provide.

So if Summerlands on your website or your social media and they can see that you have been syndicated in magazines there is a track record that you've done shows these or add to the trust and credibility factor and the proof that you can provide an amazing service.

Provide evidence if you're in


Have Accolades


And they are more likely to dig deeper to find out more about what you can do for them.

You can take this a step further and add on your about page how you helped other people to over come a particular problem.

Perhaps pinpoint certain companies that you've worked for and that you've helped so how you've helped him you want to be able to put into the mind of the reader that you are there ideal solution. 

 Videos are the most powerful forms of proof

Of course there are testimonials 

Don't forget images show your amazing results

Now go forth and conquer remember to check out all of my social media channels to find out more information of how you can create a killer profile that gets booked all around the world till next time is

the profile guy










Chris Foster