‘The One’ Group Coaching Programme was developed because I kept being asked, "Chris...

How do I create a recognisable brand?

How do I stand out from the crowd?

What steps do I need to take to get noticed in the industry?

How do I get  press opportunities to come to me?"

they were Feeling

Frustrated at not achieving their goals.

Not as successful as they should be at this point in their career but don’t know what the next steps should be.

There must be another way of making extra money that is not attached to cutting hair behind the chair.

and Also Saying

I want to travel the world and be seen as an expert within the industry.

I want to know how to become an iconic stylist.

I want to earn more money.

I want to  set up and run my own successful academy.


What I can say is I know how you feel And here's how I can Help you

IMG_7690 (1).jpg

I will lead you through the process of raising your profile to gain industry recognition, reap the financial rewards and the opportunity to operate at the top of the industry. The One coaching programme covers everything from creating a recognisable brand and standing out from the crowd; negotiating the best rate for your services; to building strong press relationships. Now before we go any further let me explain why I am the expert in this area. Here is my story:

My story starts with me cutting hair in my mum's bedroom in Hackney, East London and might I add back when I was younger, Hackney was not a nice part of town. I started work on the small barbershop. Where I work from dust to dawn well it felt like it. It was a non-stop flow of clients, don’t get me wrong I love cutting here but I felt that I had so much more to give and the chair is holding me back big time. I want to more opportunity and that’s what lead me to work in the west-end working at the top in some fabulous locations in the more expensive of parts of London but still I had same problem, I felt real dissatisfaction because I was not fulfilling my full potential financial and that’s with me winning numerous industry awards nothing changed. As they say you can't get expect different results by doing the exact same things. And I was doing the exact same thing day in day out not developing my career.

Did you know that in 2010 I almost gave up on my dreams? I was so frustrated by the industry that I nearly pulled the plug on what later became the engine of my business. 

So what kept me going?

The frustration led me to find solutions which I would love to share with you in the programme.

But let me fast forward to where I was a creative director at the Harrods barbershop in one of the most expensive parts of London, in one of the most exclusive stores in the world. Really I have to pinch myself to realise what I achieved in that period of time where I was and where I am now experiencing working at the top of the hair industry. But you may ask what does that look like? Well my career has allowed me to be creative director for fashion shows in Moscow, New York, and London. I had the amazing opportunity of being the creative director for one of the largest menswear shows ever with a world record-breaking 105 models. My collections have also been presented in the presence of heads of state at the African Union Summit, Ghana and the majestic Royal Albert Hall.

My professional achievements have been endorsed by numerous awards and accolades, together with a Master Craftsman award which I received at the House of Commons. As a finalist, nominated for Men’s category of ‘The British Hairdressing Awards’ and three times winner of ‘Black Hair & Beauty Barber of the Year’,  I have been granted exclusive entry to the ‘Barbering Hall Of Fame’! I am proud to also be named amongst the first industry icons to collect the honorary and PHAB (Performance in Hair and Beauty) Standard award. In 2014, I was bestowed the prestigious honour of being elected as Barbering Ambassador for the Hairdressing Council. 



My career has allowed me to work with and meet numerous celebrity included Asher, Chris Brown, kit Harington, Sam Smith, ozwald Boateng, Matthew Perry and work on movies such as Suicide squad, Notorious and Pompeii. Also, have incredible opportunity to work with oscar-winning production companies such as Ardman animation.

Over the years, I have been instrumental in enabling the media to translate fashion trends and issues in men’s hairstyling and grooming, to stylists and the general public. As a result, my Collections, advice and commentary have been syndicated across a wide variety of industry publications. Including a few and international front covers, which is always quite nice. including a regular column in Professional Hairdresser Magazine, in my role as Male Grooming expert.

In this capacity I am often invited to feature on television and radio to share my predictions for hair trends or my thoughts on particular issues regarding a celebrity’s style. Some recent appearances include ITV’s “Daybreak”, the “Alan Titchmarsh Show”, C4’s “Sunday Brunch” ; MTV’s “Beauty School Cop Outs” and QVC.

I’ve had the amazing opportunity of travelling the world sharing my knowledge and the best bit is getting paid for it! I’ve worked on some of the most biggest stages in locations such as India, Bali, Singapore, United States all over Europe and Africa. And I’m still pinching myself like I said I have worn the T-shirt! And now I have an opportunity of working with you, to achieve what you want to achieve in your career.


 I've worn the T-shirt, I've done it all and I can show you how you can do it too!


So, your 9 month group coaching experience little something like this.

Module 1     Biography & Goals Setting get to rock

  • Personal & Professional Road map
  • Building that bionic biog
  • The fascination of you

Module 2   The Jadi art of Social Media

  • Super strategy of getting to get social
  • Boost your profile reach with true fans 

Module 3    The Not So Secret Strategy Of Winning Awards

  • Maximising the big win
  • PR Power to promote 

Module 4     Sponsorship/Ambassador

  • The official 'Ambassador' how to attract big money from who you are and what you know 
  • The power of Negotiation...Kill IT! And know your worth 

Module 5     Power To Present...Period

  • The Confident Speaker
  • Kill the skill on every platform 

Module 6     Stage Work @ Exhibitions

  • Cut it stage it
  • Nerve gas...managing and destroying nerves

Module 7    Build a standout business

  • The seven principles of a Profitable Profile 

Module 8     How to Prepare & Produce a Successful Editorial Photo-shoot

  • Creating Front Cover Collections
  • Live a photo shoot with Andy kruczek

Module  9    Evaluation, Biography, 

  • The Net Income of networking
  • Profile paid in full

Also includes:

•   Personal roadmap of goals

•   1:1 accountability telephone call

•   Monthly Webinar teaching Input

•   Private Mastermind Facebook Group - For instant access to advice from Chris Foster and support from fellow 'One' Delegates

•   Power to Present Workshop in London with Chris

•   Support and guidance of a profile building Photo-shoot.  The One programme supplying studio and photographer. Support with building a concept (mood boards) and effective smooth running of a shoot.

focused on _______ Specifically ensure you get a return on your marketing spend and ultimately build a highly profitable brand with the hair industry. It will include, video tutorials, PDF manuals as well as ’done-for you’ marketing templates and tools.

It is going to be a complete brain dump of everything I know about marketing, branding, social media and much, much more!


I am going to cover all the latest business strategies and show you exactly how to implement them step by step into your business without breaking the bank.


Dark Art by Stacey Mccabe



I am a massive fan of Chris’s work and always have been. I love the style of work he produces and when I see his work its blows my mind. He is someone that I have always followed over the years and never thought in my wildest dreams I would have been able to work with him at some point. To work with Chris on this shoot was the best days work I have ever did and could do it all over again in a second. I also love what Chris stands for in the industry so for me it was a no brainer. To work with Chris at this level was incredible and gives you the confidence to push yourself to go further. I always follow and look at the work Chris produces as he likes to be different and out of the box and thats why I like his work so much as thats me. I don’t like to follow the crowd/ masses and like to try and be different and do my best to be different.
— Stacey Mccabe

So you may ask at the end of this coach and what will I achieve end of nine months?

  • Master your social network connections to boost your profile and your business
  • The skill and confidence  present your knowledge on every platform including TV,  on big stages shows, exhibitions and seminars
  • Master the skill of networking to grow your business and your profile
  • Attract more high net worth clientele
  • A deeper understanding how the industry works that you can maximise and be a key influencer 
  • Rockstar Status!!!!