Feather Artist Club DX

Feather Artist Club DX


The ultimate “replaceable blade” shaving razor. Made in Japan by Jatai, the world leaders in the manufacturers of modern, top end shaving razors and blades.

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The Feather Artist Club DX Razor is made of composite alloy metal, which enables smooth shaving and resists heat, chemicals and other impurities. Providing excellent grip and control, the enamel handle is made from synthetically engineered resin which resists heat up to 135º.

Easy, Fast and Safe Blade Changing
The blade head is a spring-mounted, one-touch mechanism and can easily be dismantled and reassembled for cleaning.

Quality Control
All Jatai’s razors and blades are designed to work and feel like a natural extension of the users mind, hand, and eye. Jatai’s mission is simple – to manufacture the best razors and razor blades in the world. The craftsmanship on the Feather Artist Club DX Razor is stunning.

Replacing blades
Changing the blade is fast, safe and easy. Simply pinch the razor head and the blade will drop out.