Feather Artist Club SS Razor

Feather Artist Club SS Razor


Feather Artist SS Club Folding Razor is the ultimate “replaceable blade” professional quality shaving razor. Made in Japan by Jatai, manufacturers of highly engineered shaving tools and blades.  Used on The Foss Academy Art of Luxury Wet Shaving Course.

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NOTE: The Feather Artist SS Club range replaces the older RG models

The Feather Artist SS Club Razor is made from Matt stainless steel and the enamel handle is made from engineered heat resistant resin.

No Stropping, No Honing; just add your blade of choice.

Easy, Fast and Safe Blade Changing
The blade head is a spring-mounted, one-touch mechanism and can easily be dismantled for cleaning.

Replacing blades
Pinch the razor head and the used blade will drop out. Drop or slide a new blade into the pinched head, release and the blade is secured. Changing the blade is fast, safe and easy.

Blade Choice: 4 blade choices but We recommend the ‘Feather Light Pro-Guard’ Razor blades for beginner

  • New Rounded Save head for smoother shave
  • Matt Stainless Steel
  • Engineered Heat resistant resin handle
  • Professional Folding Razor
  • Made in Japan
  • Replaceable blades
  • No Stropping, No Honing
  • Easy Blade changing
  • 4 blade variations