Personalised coaching, mentoring and support that takes you from confusion, doubt and fear and moves you into confidence, clarity and know-how. It's time for you to be seen, make money, and live your dream life. 


It's time to step up your game and do all the things you've been dreaming of doing. No more putting it off. No more making excuses or saying to yourself "someday it will happen" or “I’m too old to make it happen” - today is the day for you to take action. 


Have you been stuck in a rut, feeling like you'll never hit the growth and expansion you crave?  Clinging onto your limiting beliefs well, I am here to help light the fire within you and keep it burning bright. Motivation and KNOW HOW! We've got it to spare. 


Big, beautiful paychecks help you live a big, beautiful life. I mentor and support you to bring in multiple sources of income, work through subconscious money blocks, and help you charge the prices you deserve.

Chris Foster & Sam Wall

“Before January 2016, I was struggling to break through into the world of hairdressing. It was like banging my head against a brick wall after many years of trying. Then I saw an opportunity where The Foss Academy were doing a mentoring programme and I began what was to be a life changing role with Mr Chris Foster. When I was working with Chris, I learnt everything from, stage presence, a structured way to teach education, how to present properly, how to work social media platforms and even how to market yourself so the big companies notice you. On top of this, which was the biggest thing that Chris installed in me was Confidence. I certainly lacked in this area so when he allowed me to pick at his mindset, I really started to see the benefits. I never had confidence and Chris really helped me develop myself in this area to the point of being in front of a camera was no longer scary but more so having the belief that even I could achieve ANYTHING. Chris was an amazing mentor to me and I will forever be grateful. He opened some very important doors for me. Those doors I was struggling to open but as soon as Chris did, then this helped me to get noticed and the only way my career has gone from there is up. Since January 2016, I have worked London Fashion Weeks, I have won many awards, I have also had many many publications including some of the finest front covers for the likes of HJ men and to top it off I now get to travel the world and live my dream.”

Sam Wall, Winner of the American Crew All-Star Challenge

Stop living client to client & create a plan to bring in multiple streams of income so you can have peace of mind about your future. 


A Discovery Call is a complimentary 30 minute call to see if we would be a good fit working together. It is a way for us to get more clarity around the possibilities of your business, and paint a picture on how you can start moving forward towards your big goals.