what will YOU achieve in the one group coaching programme?

  • Master your social network connections to boost your profile and your business

  • The skill and confidence to present your knowledge on every platform including TV, big stage shows, exhibitions and seminars

  • Learn how to network to grow your business and profile

  • Attract more high net worth clientele

  • A deeper understanding of how the industry works that you can maximise to become a key influencer

  • Rockstar Status!!!

your 9 month group coaching experience looks a little something like this

Module 1: Biography & Goals Setting that gets you to the top

  • Personal & professional road map

  • Building that bionic biography

  • The fascination of you finding your unfair advantage

Module 2: The JEdi art of Social Media

  • Super strategy to get to the top of social media

  • Boost your profile reach with true fans

  • Moneytising social strategy

Module 3: The Not-So-Secret Strategy Of Winning Awards

  • Maximising the BIG win

  • PR power to promote

  • The award hack strategy

Module 4: Sponsorship/Ambassador

  • The Official 'Ambassador' - how to attract big money from who you are and what you know

  • The power of the unfair negotiation...Kill IT! to get your worth

  • Your push marketing magnet

Module 5: Power To Present

  • The Confident Speaker

  • Kill the skill on every platform

  • Born to deliver -  the art of stage charisma

Module 6: Stage Work @ Exhibitions

  • Cut it, stage it

  • Nerve gas - managing and destroying nerves

Module 7: Market Your Magic to Build a Standout Business

  • Business building marketing strategy
  • The seven principles of a Profitable Profile

  • Power up your personal brand

Module 8: How to Prepare & Produce a Successful Editorial Photo-shoot

  • Creating Front Cover Collections

  • On location - a live photo shoot with Andy Kruczek

  • The creative planning of content creation

Module 9: The Net Income of networking

  • How to attract professional connections that will earn you more money

module 10: evaluation

  • Review the objectives set at the beginning of the programme

  • Set ongoing goals and targets to take you to the future and beyond

Let's hear from Sam Wall, a previous one programme delegate who has now gone on to become an American Crew Elite. Follow his success on Instagram @mrsamwall.



Video tutorials  & PDF manuals

Personal roadmap of goals

1:1 accountability telephone call

Monthly webinar teaching input

Private Mastermind Facebook Group - for instant access to advice from Chris Foster and support from fellow 'One' Delegates

Power to Present workshop in London

Create your own collection from building a concept to running the shoot (studio and photographer supplied)

Ready to use marketing templates and tools


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