Clipper Confidence With Mr Sam Wall

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The humble clipper can be used as a precision tool with the right training and practice and remains the cornerstone of everyday barbering. Clipper Confidence responds to the needs of the modern barber who desires to provide an elite service to their customers and requires the skills to move on from clipper proficiency to a precision practitioner.


  • Be proficient in the art of fading multi-textured hair

  • Have perfected and updated your existing clipper skills

  • Possess new advanced techniques to greatly expand your clipper repertoire

  • Be able to conduct client consultations and appointments with increased knowledge and confidence

Clipper Confidence is everything you need to increase your competence and confidence to establish your position as an excellent men’s hairdresser. You will be capable of rising to all clipper cutting challenges and exceed client expectations.


Newly qualified stylist or hair professionals wanting to gain commercial skills of barbering.


Practical Workshops
Hands on learning with tutor demonstration and explanations



  • Speed Tapering

  • Creating the perfect blend and fade

  • Freehand clippering

  • Clipper over comb

  • Texturising with clippers

  • Cross Fader Technique – Chris Foster’s Signature Technique


February 26
HJ Live, London